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Autoflower M8
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Mate Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Mate Autoflower cannabis strain is of unknown origin. Average type plant, periodic leaves and strong vigor. Delivers blooms that are big and varied. Plant for any sort of grower. Good efficiency, fast development. High resistance The mixture is perfect.

Mighty impact. Therapeutic use. It decreases pressure, heightens hunger and stimulates the mind. Sweet flavor with citrus. Unmistakable strawberry acid and taste of citrus citrus. Notes that are scented and earthy. Sensual pleasure. Variety that, at its inception, very few had the enjoyment of sampling. Mate cannabis is vital.

The outcome is an elevated THC percentage. Mate’s seeds produce medium-sized crops, with a nice quantity of leaf and very twisted. Their growth is vigorous and they have large, compact buds at the end of their flowering.  This is a resistant plant, so pests and excess moisture will stand up well.

Mate is both indoors and indoor a strong producing pressure. Indoors is a plant that can achieve 550 grams per square meter owing to the sativa personality of its genetics and manufacturing. Outdoors is a taller strain with a yield of up to 1000 grams per plant.

Because of its nearly 20 % THC and elevated CBD concentrations, the Mate strain has a strong impact. Its high begins strong and very psychoactive, offering a good trip to those who try it. Ideal for daytime use and encouraging innovative procedures.

When we speak about medical effects, Mate is highly recommended for stimulating appetite, reducing stress and stimulating the mind.

Mate’s taste and aroma is enhanced by its component of citrus. It can also give hints of lemon, musk and earth to sweet and fruity notes.

In any crop or climate, Mate Autoflower seeds are easy to grow. They resist the environmental stresses very well and their flowering allows them to be ready in about 65 days. When cultivated indoor, after the start of winter, it may be prepared to harvest in about two months.

Mate Autoflowering is a high yielding strain.  Therefore it prefers the outdoors or a large grow area where it can reach its maximum sativa dominant potential in both height and yield.  With a conic structure and long spongy, resinous flowers, Mate is sure to find a spot in every grower’s garden.




Very High


100g-150g / plant


75 Days






Autoflower Seed Shop

Autoflower Seed Shop
Autoflower Seed Shop
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  1. Sunshady

    Never heard of this strain but it grows fat nugs that knock me out at night.

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