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Critical XL Autoflower
Critical XL Autoflower
Autoflower Critical XL
Critical XL Autoflowering

Critical XL Autoflower Seeds


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Critical XL Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Critical Mass was one of the first strains in Mr. Nice’s seed catalog and was undoubtedly their most successful in Spain.   Subsequent crossing led to the Critical XL Autoflower.

A few years after its creation, an outstanding clone was chosen which quickly grew throughout the nation and was used to create infinite hybrids,. Thanks to its intense odor characteristics, convenience of growth, resin manufacturing, calyx-to-leaf proportion and premature growing, this clone has become a favorite for many critical enthusiasts. While yields were slightly lower than other phenotypes, over the years it became increasingly popular, being one of Spain’s most cultivated cannabis varieties.

Critical Autoflower was developed as an enhanced variant of another iconic, the Big Bud, and became one of the seed market’s finest manufacturers. It is a hybrid between a simple Afghani row and Skunk #1 (Afghani Mexico Colombia), one of the most common types in the globe. Due to its early flowering, high yield, resistance to pests, relaxing and pleasant effect and intense fruity, spicy and piney flavor, it quickly became a favorite among many growers, also being awarded at endless cannabis cups and events, especially in Spain. The one downside is the danger of fungal infections in the compact and enormous flowers,although this crop is generally collected before the feared winter floods arrive.

Critical XL is a stalwart plant that can survive in colder climates, making it a popular strain.  Novice growers will enjoy the simplicity of raising Critical XL autoflowering cannabis plants, which flower in 75 days from germination of the seeds.






60g-90g / plant


65 Days






Autoflower Seed Shop

Autoflower Seed Shop
Autoflower Seed Shop
Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions10 × 6 × 2 cm
Number of Seeds

10, 20, 5

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  1. dogsnoop

    The best strain. High yields and great high.

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