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Amnesia Haze Autoflower
Amnesia Haze Autoflower
Autoflower Amnesia
Amnesia Autoflower

Amnesia Autoflower Seeds


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Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

As with most sativas, immediately after the first hit, Amnesia Autoflower cannabis will give you an energetic and uplifting high. THC is more present in sativas than in indicas, and Amnesia is a brilliant example.  These buds won’t let you get couch-locked.

Stay still and you’re going to begin fidgeting and stressing. Get up, go out, go for a walk.  This strain promotes very cerebral effects that will give you extreme surrounding awareness. Despite its elevated emotional level, Amnesia still features its indica ancestry by offering you a excellent muscle relaxation sensation. It’s a great exercise choice.

This is a very specific strain if you are a medical patient. It may be the exact thing you’ve been looking for, but it may also be the opposite of what you need. Do not use before trying to sleep. Cancer patients use amnesia to fight pain and nausea.

Amnesia Autoflower is known to help fatigue, stress, and depression. However, it will not help your anxiety. This strain can be a little too paranoid, which will only be enjoyed by a particular stoner group. It’s also incredible for individuals with attention deficit illnesses.

The uniqueness of the seeds of this cannabis strain is combined by an aroma and flavor that are similarly distinctive. Consumers will recognize a citric trait immediately, which blends beautifully with the clear, earthy taste. This earthiness is combined with wood smells .

Break open a bud and you will be presented with a sweet scent that will be valued by stoners already enjoying the other Haze offspring. The smoke is soft despite all this potency and strength. Overall, if you’re a cannabis fan, you’ll fall in love with the sensations emitted by this classic strain

Amnesia is a stalwart cannabis plant that can survive in colder climates, making it a popular strain.  Novice growers will enjoy the simplicity of raising Amnesia autoflowering cannabis plants, which flower in 75 days from germination of the seeds.






70g-100g / plant


75 Days






Autoflower Seed Shop

Autoflower Seed Shop
Autoflower Seed Shop
Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions10 × 6 × 2 cm
Number of Seeds

10, 20, 5

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