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Amnesia Feminized
Amnesia Feminized
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Amnesia Feminized Seeds


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Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds

After haze genetics came to the Netherlands, several hybrids were made. Later the seeds were combined with a male derived from old school Haze plants. The result is Amnesia feminized cannabis. Like the name suggests, a truly psychedelic head high which can allow the user to turn off their brain completely after a session. It has a fresh and fruity flavor.

The cross between Bubblegum and Super Silver Haze was officially recorded as Amnesia.  Amnesia has been’ clone only’ for many years and provided by Hy-Pro. Nearly all other crops in Amnesia feminized are offspring of this first plant. Most Amnesia cannabis strains are dominant in Sativa and need to flower for about 80 days. Some types of Amnesia expand to a height of 180 cm. For growing indoors, many of the strains are recommended, but some were also successfully grown outdoors. Amnesia types registered up to 20 percent THC levels.

The use of Amnesia strains is often characterized by a loss of short-term memory, which is replaced as happy times.   The strain can generate increased energy, generally followed by a tingling of the body. Paranoia and dizziness can be accompanied as side effects by the usual dry eyes and mouth.

For individuals living with mental, depression, and stress illnesses, amnesia types are generally suggested as the elevated Sativa style is great for mood raising and stress relief. Amnesia is suggested for downtime use. This strain also benefits people with stress-related insomnia.

Amnesia is a stalwart plant that can survive in colder climates, making it a popular strain.  Novice growers will enjoy the simplicity of raising Amnesia feminized cannabis plants, which flower in 70 – 80 days from germination of the seeds.






500g-600g /  m2


70 Days






Autoflower Seed Shop

Autoflower Seed Shop
Autoflower Seed Shop
Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions10 × 6 × 2 cm
Number of Seeds

10, 20, 5

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