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Somango Autoflowering
Somango Autoflowering
Autoflower Somango
Somango Autoflower

Somango Autoflower Seeds


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Somango Autoflower Cannabis Seeds


Many customers like Somango Autoflower because of the strain’s capacity to keep them focused and concentrated whenever they need to be. Somango can help you finish assignments without realizing how much time is moving on, which is ideal for those days when you need to achieve a particular objective.

By crossing legend strain Super Skunk with top-notch Jack Herer, as well as Big Skunk Korean, Somango was created by Soma Seeds. The result is an omnipresent and extremely relaxing 75% indica hybrid that will inspire you to enjoy its tropical notes and reinvigorate body effects.  Somango Autoflower effects are a favorite of many experienced uses, as it can be quite strong, but it offers the right mix of effects. When you smoke this flower, you can pretend to feel comfortable and it will allow you feel somewhat compelled to dive into the couch to appreciate the psychedelic borderline impacts on your ideas.

Somango makes you feel uplifted and pleased. When you smoke this strain you are inclined to get the munchies, so it’s important to maintain a number of meals. This indica dominant plant can also assist you to sleep easier, so it’s better to avoid it during the day time.

For many purposes, Somango is a very special plant, but it has also been beloved for its distinctive mango aroma. Its earthy and fruity presence is immediately noticeable and recognizable, and will immediately make you fall in love with it.

This hybrid is all kinds of tropical, and because of its unique flavors, you will enjoy smoking it at a different level. Somango includes traces of vanilla and spice, and a constantly delicious and fruity flavor that tingles your tongue and leaves on your lips a tropical mixture of mango fragrance.

Somango is a stalwart plant that prefers warmer climates.  Novice growers will enjoy the simplicity of raising Somango autoflowering cannabis plants, which flower in 75 days from germination of the seeds.






50g-80g / plant


75 Days






Autoflower Seed Shop

Autoflower Seed Shop
Autoflower Seed Shop
Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions10 × 6 × 2 cm
Number of Seeds

10, 20, 5

1 review for Somango Autoflower Seeds

  1. LilJen

    Great stress relieving strain. Nice fruit smell and taste.

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