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Recycled Organic Living Soil

Recycled Organic Living Soil For Cannabis

Recycled Organic Living Soil For Cannabis

ROLS is basically any soil framework that utilizes natural and supportable practices to return supplements and essential nutrients to the dirt. These frameworks follow the exercises of nature and utilize supplement cycles to guarantee the topsoil stays sound and equipped for delivering top-quality cannabis harvests. No-till cultivation techniques limit the amount of supplements discharged from the dirt and safeguard microbial and creepy crawly life inside the rhizosphere.


There are various approaches to making reused natural living soils. You should begin with a base. If you’re fortunate, you may contact a nursery where these strategies have just been applied. If not, just buy some great quality soil or use what you have accessible. Or you can just follow our ROLS recipe below to begin building soil that is perfect for cannabis. 

One of the most widely recognized and fundamental ways is to begin treating the soil with daily refuse. Any kitchen and nursery scraps can be added to a manure heap, which will in the end be separated by microbial life. After some time, this supplement rich item can be added to soil to give your cannabis plants a lift.

Compost tea is another fabulous method to reuse scraps into a supplement thick recipe that can be applied to cannabis beds. Anything from espresso beans, annoys, straw, and egg shells can be utilized to make this plant-improving fluid. 

Keeping up great soil air circulation is another method to guarantee better breakdown of natural microbial frameworks. This can be accomplished by reusing natural materials, for example, rock dust, lava rocks, etc. Adding these materials to the dirt will make little openings that air can course through unreservedly. 

Rock Dust
Rock Dust

Common manure can likewise contribute hugely to ROLS. Sources, for example, compost, worm castings, and bone supper can be acquired from numerous homesteads, and even made routinely in little permaculture activities.

Recycled Organic Living Soil – Cannabis Recipe

ROLS mix:

34% high quality Earth Worm Castings (EWC) or Compost

33% sphagnum peat moss (hydrated)

33% aeration (pumice, rice hulls, lava rock, etc.)

Add per cubic foot of ROLS:

4-5 cups rock dust mix – basalt dust, bentonite, glacial, powdered oyster shell

1/2 cup crab shell meal

3/4 cup kelp meal

1 cup karanja meal

Optional Additives:

Gypsum: ½ cup per cubic foot

Biochar: 1 cup per cu. ft..

Alfalfa meal: ¼ cup per cu ft

Fish meal: ¼ c per cu ft

Earth Worm Castings
Earth Worm Castings

ROLS Cannabis Recipe

Step 1: Combine Humus + Peat + Aeration.  Mix thoroughly

Step 2: Add the rock dusts

Step 3: Add the organic matter

Step 4: Mix extremely thoroughly.  The time you spend on this step matters the most..  

Fill mart pots or garbage bins, water with 0.25% molasses dilution in water, let sit for 4 weeks. At that point you are ready to fill your planters. 

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